Have you been affected by Adoption?

Adoption searching comes with mixed, and often very strong emotions, along with a multitude of regulations to steer through. It can be hard to deal with both things at the same time, but the right guidance and support will make things easier. No two cases are the same, because even the same circumstances do not make an identical situation. The experience and your feelings are unique to you.

We prepare you for every eventuality, with frank and open conversations about your expectations, what you want to achieve, and how we can facilitate that in a safe, legal, and supportive way.

Whether you were adopted, or are looking for a relative that was adopted out of the family, we can give you sound advice as to how to move forward with your search, as well as dealing with the inevitable emotions this can stir up.

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Adoption Cases We’ve Worked On…

I was in my 70's when I found out I was Adopted

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