No two clients are the same, and no two circumstances are the same, so we do need to know a bit more about your situation before we can give you an estimate.

The more information you have, and the more recent the information is, the better.
We do sometimes have to purchase things like birth and marriage certificates as part of your search, so we offer a price including any ‘extras’ to cap it for you or a price without them, and you authorise additional costs as you go along.

We operate like every other firm providing you with a service instead of a product. An agreed payment (deposit) upfront to start the search. And the remainder when the search is completed.

The deposit is obviously non refundable as we start work right away. If you change your mind about the search once you have paid the deposit, we will allow you 3 months to come back and start the search again using that initial payment. We are always on hand to talk you through any concerns and can always pause things if necessary, along the way once we have started work.

The final payment will be due when we provide a report to you regarding the completed search. Please remember that we have still done the work to locate someone- even if things do not turn out as you hoped.

We will work with you to manage your expectations, and bring you closure no matter what the outcome. You will be fully supported and very much looked after.


Simply book a free consultation or contact us. We would be proud to make this journey with you.

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